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Dra. Isabel Gomez Gomez


Tutor de Maestría y Doctorado

Nivel I del SNI

Grupo del Dr. Mario Soberón



Oficina +52 (777) 311-4900 ext 227

Laboratorio +52 (777) 329-1624
desde el D.F. 562-27624

red UNAM 27624
+52 (777) 311-4900 ext 227

Premio Weizmann Academia Mexicana de Ciencias (2003)


M.C. Arlen Idalia Pena

M.C. Zeferino Simon Galarza

Lic. Daniela Carmona

Publicaciones recientes

Gomez,I. Flores,B. Bravo,A. Soberon,M. 2014. Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1AbMod toxin counters tolerance associated with low cadherin expression but not that associated with low alkaline phosphatase expression in Manduca sexta Peptides, Sep 17 [Epub ahead of print], .

Gomez,I. Sanchez,J. Munoz-Garay,C. Matus,V. Gill,S.S. Soberon,M. Bravo,A. 2014. Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1A toxins are versatile-proteins with multiple modes of action: two distinct pre-pores are involved in toxicity Biochemical Journal, 459, 383-396.

Flores-Escobar,B. Rodriguez-Magadan,H. Bravo,A. Soberon,M. Gomez,I. 2013. Differential role of Manduca sexta aminopeptidase-N and alkaline phosphatase in the mode of action of Cry1Aa, Cry1Ab, and Cry1Ac toxins from Bacillus thuringiensis Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 79, 4543-4550.

Zuniga-Navarrete,F. Gomez,I. Pena,G. Bravo,A. Soberon,M. 2013. A Tenebrio molitor GPI-anchored alkaline phosphatase is involved in binding of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry3Aa to brush border membrane vesicles Peptides, 41, 81-86.

Bravo,A. Gomez,I. Porta,H. Garcia-Gomez,B.I. Rodriguez-Almazan,C. Pardo,L. Soberon,M. 2013. Evolution of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry toxins insecticidal activity Microb Biotechnol, 6, 17-26.

Rodriguez-Almazan,C. Reyes,E.Z. Zuniga-Navarrete,F. Munoz-Garay,C. Gomez,I. Evans,A.M. Likitvivatavanong,S. Bravo,A. Gill,S.S. Soberon,M. 2012. Cadherin binding is not a limiting step for Bacillus thuringiensis subs. israelensis Cry4Ba toxicity to Aedes aegypti larvae Biochemical Journal, 443, 711-717.

Zavala,L.E. Pardo-Lopez,L. Canton,P.E. Gomez,I. Soberon,M. Bravo,A. 2011. Domains II and III of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ab toxin remain exposed to the solvent after insertion of part of domain I into the membrane Journal of Biological Chemistry, 286, 19109-19117 [Correction: vol 287 p 34499].

Terenius,O. Papanicolaou,A. Garbutt,J.S. Eleftherianos,I. Huvenne,H. Sriramana,K. Albrechtsen,M. An,C. Aymeric,J.L. Barthel,A. Bebas,P. Bitra,K. Bravo,A. Chevalier,F. Collinge,D.P. Crava,C.M. de Maagd,R.A. Duvic,B. Erlandson,M. Faye,I. Felfoldi,G. Fujiwara,H. Futahashi,R. Gandhe,A.S. Gatehouse,H.S. Gatehouse,L.N. Giebultowicz,J. Gomez,I. Grimmelikhuijzen,C.J. Groot,A.T. Hauser,F. Heckel,D.G. Hegedus,D.D. Hrycaj,S. Huang,L. Hull,J.J. Iatrou,K. Iga,M. Kanost,M.R. Kotwica,J. Li,C. Li,J. Liu,J. Lundmark,M. Matsumoto,S. Meyering-Vos,M. Millichap,P.J. Monteiro,A. Mrinal,N. Niimi,T. Nowara,D. Ohnishi,A. Oostra,V. Ozaki,K. Papakonstantinou,M. Popadic,A. Rajam,M.V. Saenko,S. Simpson,R.M. Soberon,M. Strand,M.R. Tomita,S. Toprak,U. Wang,P. Wee,C.W. Whyard,S. Zhang,W. Nagaraju,J. Ffrench-Constant,R.H. Herrero,S. Gordon,K. Swevers,L. Smagghe,G. et al 2011. RNA interference in Lepidoptera: an overview of successful and unsuccessful studies and implications for experimental design Journal of Insect Physiology, 57, 231-245.

Gomez,I. Arenas,I. Pacheco,S. Bravo,A. Soberon,M. 2010. New Insights into the Mode of Action of Cry1Ab Toxin Used in Transgenic Insect-resistant Crops Southwestern Entomologist, 35, 387-390.

Arenas,I. Bravo,A. Soberon,M. Gomez,I. 2010. Role of alkaline phosphatase from Manduca sexta in the mechanism of action of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ab toxin Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285, 12497-503.

Libros y capítulos recientes

Soberon,M. Gomez,I. Garcia-Gomez,B.I. Carmona,D. Ocelotl,J. Villanueva,F. Flores,B. Bravo,A. 2014. Mode of action of mosquitocidal toxins from Bacillus thuringiensis and their use in control of insect vectors of human diseases en: Biotechnology: beyond borders. CSIR National Chemical Laboratory. pags. 279-288

Zuniga-Navarrete,F. Bravo,A. Soberon,M. Gomez,I. 2012. Role of GPI-anchored membrane receptors in the mode of action of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry toxins en: Larramendy,M.L. Integrated Pest Management and Pest Control- Current and Future Tactics. Intech. pags. 551-566

Flores-Escobar,B. Zuniga-Navarrete,F. Sanchez,J. Gomez,I. 2012. Protein-protein interaction detection on membrane supports en: Gomez,I. Tools to Understand Protein-Protein Interactions. Kerala. Transworld Research Network. pags. 55-70

Grande-Cano,R. Gomez,I. 2012. Protein expression and purification en: Gomez,I. Tools to Understand Protein-Protein Interactions. Kerala. Transworld Research Network. pags. 41-54

Soberon,M. Pardo,L. Munoz-Garay,C. Sanchez,J. Gomez,I. Porta,H. Bravo,A. 2010. Pore Formation by Cry Toxins en: Lakey,J. Proteins: Membrane Binding and Pore Formation (serie Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology vol 677). Austin, TX. Landes Bioscience y Springer. pags. 127-142

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