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Dr. Caspar Christian Cedric Chater

Investigador en estancia postdoctoral

Grupo de la Dra. Alejandra Alicia Covarrubias



Oficina +52 (777) 311-4900 ext 293

Laboratorio +52 (777) 329-1668
desde la CDMX 562-27668

red UNAM 27668
+52 (777) 311-4900 ext 293

Publicaciones recientes

One Thousand Plant Transcriptomes Initiative. Chater,C. 2019. One thousand plant transcriptomes and the phylogenomics of green plants Nature, 574, 679-685 * .

Mohammed,U. Caine,R.S. Atkinson,J.A. Harrison,E.L. Wells,D. Chater,C.C. Gray,J.E. Swarup,R. Murchie,E.H. 2019. Rice plants overexpressing OsEPF1 show reduced stomatal density and increased root cortical aerenchyma formation Scientific Reports, 9, 5584 [correction 9, 14827] * .

Caine,R.S. Yin,X. Sloan,J. Harrison,E.L. Mohammed,U. Fulton,T. Biswal,A.K. Dionora,J. Chater,C.C. Coe,R.A. Bandyopadhyay,A. Murchie,E.H. Swarup,R. Quick,W.P. Gray,J.E. 2019. Rice with reduced stomatal density conserves water and has improved drought tolerance under future climate conditions New Phytologist, 221, 371-384.

Covarrubias,A.A. Cuevas-Velazquez,C.L. Romero-Perez,P.S. Rendon-Luna,D.F. Chater,C.C.C. 2017. Structural disorder in plant proteins: where plasticity meets sessility Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, 74, 3119-3147.

Chater,C.C.C. Caine,R.S. Fleming,A.J. Gray,J.E. 2017. Origins and evolution of stomatal development Plant Physiology, 174, 624-638.

Yin,X. Biswal,A.K. Dionora,J. Perdigon,K.M. Balahadia,C.P. Mazumdar,S. Chater,C. Lin,H.C. Coe,R.A. Kretzschmar,T. Gray,J.E. Quick,P.W. Bandyopadhyay,A. 2017. CRISPR-Cas9 and CRISPR-Cpf1 mediated targeting of a stomatal developmental gene EPFL9 in rice Plant Cell Reports, 36, 745-757.

Chater,C.C. Caine,R.S. Tomek,M. Wallace,S. Kamisugi,Y. Cuming,A.C. Lang,D. MacAlister,C.A. Casson,S. Bergmann,D.C. Decker,E.L. Frank,W. Gray,J.E. Fleming,A. Reski,R. Beerling,D.J. 2016. Origin and function of stomata in the moss Physcomitrella patens Nature Plants, 2, 16179.

Caine,R.S. Chater,C.C. Kamisugi,Y. Cuming,A.C. Beerling,D.J. Gray,J.E. Fleming,A.J. 2016. An ancestral stomatal patterning module revealed in the non-vascular land plant Physcomitrella patens Development, 143, 3306-3314 * .

van Campen,J.C. Yaapar,M.N. Narawatthana,S. Lehmeier,C. Wanchana,S. Thakur,V. Chater,C. Kelly,S. Rolfe,S.A. Quick,W.P. Fleming,A.J. 2016. Combined Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Transcriptomic Analysis Identifies the P3/P4 Transition as a Key Stage in Rice Leaf Photosynthetic Development Plant Physiology, 170, 1655-1674.

Libros y capítulos recientes

Chater,C.C.C. Covarrubias,A.A. Acosta-Maspons,A. 2019. Crop Biotechnology for Improving Drought Tolerance: Targets, Approaches, and Outcomes en: Roberts,J.A. Annual Plant Reviews. pags. 1-39

* Indica publicación con otra institución de adscripción

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